Over 70 years in Italian construction have seen the Pica name as protagonist. Now, alongside the SanMarco brand, it forms part of the multinational Terreal group, having a shared commitment to maintaining the tradition of brick, validating its role of as a point of reference also in the future.

Pica has long boasted a privileged relationship with consumers and designers alike, linked to traditional architecture and correlated to the beauty of our territory. Eco-friendly and sustainable edifices oriented towards safeguarding constructions are the values that Pica defends and shares together with those who love classic and traditional constructions: villas, farmhouses, villages, allotments made with antiqued shingles and shaded bricks, porches, columns, cornices and urban furniture. To these, Pica gives confirmation that terracotta products are the best natural solution for preserving the landscape and conferring prestige to constructions, in line with the beauty of tradition.


  • Industrie Pica was born as a natural evolution of Pica S.p.A., with the aim of befittingly overseeing all customer needs in the field of finishing components for construction.
  • The history of the Pica brand starts in the late 1930s, when the Fornace Laterizi Pierangeli e Cangiotti was rebuilt and expanded following extensive damage during the war.
  • In 1954, the two shareholders converted the company into Pica S.p.A., with the name derived from the letters of their respective surnames.
  • In the mid-1980s, the Cotto Zoni company was taken over. With this acquisition, the Group entered into the field of rustic terracotta flooring – the first major integration of the Pica range.
  • In 1991, the Group took over Cotto David, a company based in Asciano in the province of Siena. In this way, the Pica offering was enriched with traditional Tuscan terracotta flooring.
  • In 2008, the factory in Portacomaro (Asti) was inaugurated, being one of the most modern plants for the production of brick roofing in Italy, allowing us to obtain certification for 500 frost/thaw cycles, being amongst the best claddings produced in Italy today and guaranteed for 30 years.
  • Since May 2017, the Company has been managed by the French Terreal Group through its subsidiary Terreal Italia Srl. The Terreal Group is a world leader in the brick industry, with establishments in France, Spain, Malaysia and the United States.


  • In the construction sector, we make homes and cities better, elevating the quality of life for families in terms of safety, comfort and aesthetics, whilst respecting the environment and construction traditions.
  • We are unwaveringly committed to creating quality products in line with tradition and providing services that fully meet the needs of our customers.


  • To become a model of reliability, quality, solidity, authority and innovation.
  • To build strong ties with our customers over time, based on professionalism and mutual trust.
  • To be the first to perceive and anticipate market trends in transforming emotions into solutions.

To create claddings without limits.

To create timeless façades.

Living, the warmth of the 100%-natural terracotta for homes.