Marsigliese Vario


Marsigliese Euro2000*

  • Dark shade
  • Rosso rame

* solo export


lunghezza / lenght larghezza / width pezzi al mq / pieces for sqm peso unitario / unitary weight peso al mq / weight for sqm passo listelli / batten gauge Pezzi per mazzetta / pieces for bundle pezzi per pallet / pieces for pallet pendenza minima / minimum slope garanzia / warranty
Marsigliese (prod. Valenza) cm 41,0 cm 24,0 14 Kg 3,0 Kg 42,0 cm 33,0 - 35,0 6 180 > al 35% 30 anni/years
Marsigliese (prod. Castiglion F.) cm 41,8 cm 24,2 14 Kg 3,0 kg 42,0 cm 34,5 6 180 > al 35% 30 anni/years
Marsigliese Vario (prod. Castiglion F.) cm 41,8 cm 25,5 14 Kg 2,9 kg 40,6 cm 30,0 - 36,0 6 180 > al 35% 30 anni/years
Marsigliese Euro2000 (solo Export) cm 39,5 cm 23,5 14,5 Kg 3,0 Kg 43,5 cm 33,0 - 35,0 8 256/320 > al 35% 30 anni/years

MARSIGLIESE PICA — the versatile form

A design product for modern roofing that is also suitable for large surfaces. Its uniqueness lies in the variable pitch (from 30 to 36 cm) that renders it extremely easy to install. The form has been studied and improved upon to achieve high frost resistance in cold and rainy climates and, when combined with Terreal Italia roofing systems, guarantees an increase in living comfort all throughout the year.


Ridge line accessories

Colmo corrente

Doppia corona

Finale per colmo

Due vie per colmo

Tre vie per colmo

Quattro vie per colmo

Roof pitch accessories



Portantenna marsigliese

Cappello camino Ø 12 cm

Canna per camino Ø 12 cm

Base per camino Ø 12 cm

Cappello camino Ø 15 cm

Canna per camino Ø 15 cm

Base per camino Ø 15 cm

Cappello camino Ø 20 cm

Canna per camino Ø 20 cm

Base per camino Ø 20 cm


Listello ventilato di partenza per tegole piane

Griglia Ventilata H.65 mm. per tegola piana

Griglia per areatore

Fermaneve Metallo Teg. Piana Argilla



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