Dimensione cm Stabilimento Peso Kg Pezzi / Pallet n. Pezzi
Listelli 22 * 5 * 1,4 Valenza 0,30 3240 72/mq
Angolari 22 * 10 * 5 * 1,45 0,40 1920 17/ml

FRANCE DECO’ - Performance and ease of installation

FRANCE DECO ‘ slip bricks, with an extruded production, are a product that meets the highest quality requirements (thermal inertia, resistance to atmospheric agents such as wind, rain and ice and mechanical resistance) combined with easy installation thanks to the linearity on all edges which also guarantees an excellent aesthetic result. This is one of the typical products of the “facing brick” applied to the wall support or thermal insulation, which can be used in private allotments and public buildings. Equipped with a wide range of shades FRANCE DECO ‘ slip bricks are suitable for new buildings, as well as for building renovation.



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