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Portoghese (prod. Valenza) cm 41 cm 25,0 14 Kg 3,1 Kg 43,4 cm 34,3 6 180 / 256* > al 30% 30 anni/years
Portoghese (prod. Castiglion F.) cm 41,2 cm 25,4 14 Kg 2,9 Kg 40,6 cm 35 6 180 / 256* > al 30% 30 anni/years
Portoghese Giallo (prod. C.F.) cm 41,5 cm 25,5 14 Kg 2,7 Kg 37,8 cm 35,2 6 180 > al 30% 10 anni/years
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PORTOGHESE - a blend of classic and modern

Born as a blend of roof tiles and flat tiles, the Portoghese can also be used for lower pitches (min. 30%). Combining classic and modern, both in terms of shape and colour, this tile even suits contexts with contemporary architecture in all Italian climates. The cutting-edge technologies and precision employed in the production process allow the exact orthometric height and planeness (UNI-EN 8626:1984) necessary for this type of form to be achieved, ensuring high performance and durability


Ridge line accessories

Colmo corrente

Doppia corona

Finale per colmo

Due vie per colmo

Tre vie per colmo

Quattro vie per colmo


Roof pitch accessories



Portantenna portoghese


Laterale dx e sx

Cappello camino Ø 12 cm

Canna per camino Ø 12 cm

Base per camino Ø 12 cm

Cappello camino Ø 15 cm

Canna per camino Ø 15 cm

Base per camino Ø 15 cm

Cappello camino Ø 20 cm

Canna per camino Ø 20 cm

Base per camino Ø 20 cm


Griglia Ventilata

Griglia per areatore

Fermaneve Metallo Argilla

Fermaneve Metallo Moro



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