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Prodotto Dimensione cm Colori formato Stabilimento Peso Kg Pezzi / Pallet
Rustico 25 * 12 * 5,5 disponibile in 800 e 900 Castiglion Fiorentino 2,60 288
25 * 12 * 4 solo Imperiale 1,80 384
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RUSTICO - Unique chromatic suggestions

The tradition of handmade brick signed by Pica is enriched with an exclusive line made with a particular production technology in order to give the bricks antiquing and unique chromatic suggestions, the result of a skilful mixing of bricks with darker and brighter tones with others with lighter and delicate shades.
RUSTICO is designed for those who are linked to the idea of traditional architecture and related to the beauty of our territory and who love classic creations: villas, cottages, villages, subdivisions made with antique tiles and shaded bricks, porches, columns, frames, urban furniture. Pica confirms that RUSTICO line is the best natural solution to have performances that preserve the landscape and give prestige to creations in line with the beauty of tradition.



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