Facade / Bricks

Antiche Mura

Also available in: Giallo Sabbiato,
Rosato Sabbiato and Rosso Sabbiato.



Prodotto Dimensione cm Stabilimento Peso Kg Mq /Pallet
Antiche Mura 25 * 12 * 5,5 Castiglion Fiorentino 2,60 6
12,5 * 12 * 5,5 1,30
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La fornitura standard di Antiche Mura comprende sia mattoni interi che mezzi mattoni in tonalità miscelata. Disponibile a richiesta la fornitura solo dei mattoni interi e dei mattoni interi monocolore.

ANTICHE MURA - The terracotta that renews tradition

Pica recovers a noble tradition, that of the ancient facing brick walls, where the bricks admirably denounce the time that has passed, rounding the edges and fading the bright tones of the colours.
A special and inimitable process gives this line, in a harmony of variegated shades and seductive imperfections, the charm of used, reclaimed bricks, in order to adhere to the final image of a traditional and ancient masonry.
In addition to architectural restoration and recovery, Antiche Mura is particularly suitable for creating villas, cottages, farmhouses, rural architecture, landscape architecture, garden art and inserted in modern contexts for those looking for the combination of contemporaneity and classicism



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