Thermoreal® SM

Thermoreal® SM is an innovative coating system for the thermal insulation of buildings made up of prefabricated panels through the assembly of polyurethane foam, quartzite and SanMarco “soft mud” facing brick slips.
The particular assembly system makes sure that the three elements are not simply glued together, but create one indivisible body with a very high resistance to atmospheric agents. Prefabrication is carried out under factory controlled conditions with standardized procedures.

The small dimensions (1310 x 660 mm, equivalent to 0.86 sqm per panel) and the limited weight (about 25 kg) make the panel very versatile in the phases of logistics, storage on site and, above all, allow speed and ease in laying.
The panels can be mechanically fixed to any support structure, from the wooden wall to the more traditional concrete wall, to the reinforced concrete panel of prefabricated structures.
The Thermoreal® SM system assures a high thermal performance of the building, as well as improving the aesthetic appearance thanks to the soft-mud facing brick slips, in the variety of finishes and colours of the SanMarco range.
These features make Thermoreal® SM perfect in cases of renovation and redevelopment as well as in new building.
Among the advantages of use, certainly the long life and low maintenance, in addition to the simplicity of laying.

Fixing system and installation

The implementation of the starting profile does not apply as a support, but to protect the lower profile of the first row of panels and, at the same time, helps to determine the horizontal orientation of all the panels: each panel, once positioned, will then be mechanically fixed by dowels positioned in the pre-drilled holes. The head of the dowel has been specially designed to allow a quick installation and such as to guarantee an efficient hold with the use of 9 screws per panel. In the laying of the panels, it is necessary to proceed by horizontal rows, staggering the
vertical alignments of the panels.


1. PVC dowels for fixing the insulating layer
2. Rigid insulating layer (thickness up to 120 mm)
3. Expanded polyurethane foam sprayed on site
4. Fastening system drowned in polyurethane foam
5. Fastening of panels not less than 9/m2; Ø 8 dowels in galvanized or stainless steel. Minimum anchorage 7/ 11 cm for cellular cement
6. Flashing
7. Minimum flap 20 mm
8. Starting profile

Earthquake stability

As provided by the ETA13/0380 certification, continuous insulation from the outside, realized in the insulation application solution, allows to consider the Thermoreal® SM System as coating material, therefore not structural or related, as in the case of a double wall or a ventilated wall, and therefore not subject to seismic requirements.
Thermoreal® SM panels, in fact, are mechanically fixed with dowels to the back surface, which can be load-bearing or masonry infill. For these reasons the choice of Thermoreal® SM in seismic zone is a safe choice: the mechanical dowels, which fix the Thermoreal® SM panels to the support wall, ensure a suitable tensile strength perpendicular to the faces ≥ 100 kPa3, requirement defined by the UNI EN 13499:2005.

Fire resistance rating

Tested for fire resistance according to the European standard EN ISO 13501-1:2002, Thermoreal® SM is in class: B-s1, d0. Choosing Thermoreal® SM is, therefore, a safe choice: since it is thermosetting, the PUR foam in the presence of flames or strong radiant heat carbonizes, transforming it into a chemical structure that is no longer able to burn. This transformation is an effective form of “passivation” of the insulating material that slows down the propagation of the fire, reducing the fumes and increasing the time to intervene and bring people and their property to safety. The certification system also includes the assessment of additional parameters such as the development of fumes “s” (smoke), for which Thermoreal® SM achieves the best performance “s1”, and the phenomenon of dropping of burning particles, “d” (dropping), for which Thermoreal® SM ensures optimum performance “d0”.



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Brochure Thermoreal® SM

Restoration of Massanzago Church, Italy



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